Animation Online Course

Animation Online Course

Animation Course for teens and kids

Welcome to Animation Course at Teens Computer School

Learn to create your 3D game’s characters from scratch using Blender 3D, 3ds Max, and Autodesk Maya!
Getting into animation has never been easier! With the advent of Blender, the free and open source 3D application, anyone can gain access to professional animation tools now. With realistic physics, special effects, advanced scripts, and scenarios your gameplay will be truly interactive!

Our Maya Core course and 3ds Max course has been developed by leading industry professionals and teaches the complete fundamentals of Maya and 3ds Max.

Think you can make the next hottest, most addictive game out there? We are sure you will after the completion of this course!

Upon completion of our computer game design course, students will receive a Certificate in The Video Game Design.


Course duration is 36 weeks

Online Classes take place once a week. Each class is 1.00-1.5 hours.

The cost of training is $249 CAD per Month. 3 Month Minimum payment to begin the Course.