Graphic Design In-Class course

Graphic Design In-Class Course for 13-17 years old

What is Graphic Design?

Newspaper that you read every day, promotional brochure of the store in your mailbox, business card and letterhead of your company, bank and credit cards, Metropass and even look of plate number of your car – all these are samples of the graphic designers’ works.

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Graphic Design for Teens Certificate In-Class Course

Teens Computer School trains the students for work in this fascinating and thriving industry. Developed by the Computer Graphics professionals intensive curriculum make it possible for the student within a short period of time:

  • To become familiarized with the history of design advertisements, their different types, and major functions
  • To acquire professional skills in the field of graphic design and its mediums
  • To learn the theory of colors, harmonized color combinations, to get a sense of different color models and to learn their proper application
  • To learn history and theory of fonts, as well as the ways of fonts application in printed advertisements
  • To learn how to create professional advertisement, formatting and prepress process for newspapers and magazines
  • To learn and acquire professional skills in such special graphics programs as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe INDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Quark XPress, Corel Draw and others

Students complete the program with a professional portfolio. Teens Computer School also provides the graduates with assistance on portfolio and resume preparation for future education in colleges or Universities.

The Graphic Designer’s training program in Teens Computer School consists of two parts – theoretical and practical.

The theoretical part of the curriculum:

Provides the students with the concept of professional design and includes the following topics:
Principles of composition in design
Form as an element of composition
Statics and dynamics in composition
Balance in composition
Contrasts in composition and types of contrasts
Rhythm in composition
Color in composition
Font and font’s composition
Logotype and principles of the logotypes’ design
Banner and principles of banner’s design
Interface-design and design of website navigation
Major trends in contemporary web design

Practical part of the curriculum

Gives to the students working skills with bitmap and vector graphics editors as well as with special computer animation and web design tools:
Corel Draw
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe INDesign
Adobe Acrobat
College Portfolio preparation

 Duration and costs:

The course lasts for 24 weeks ( In-class option). Classes are held once a week. Duration of each session is 1.5 hour.






(Saturday sessions are available in such cities: Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, St. Catherines, Barrie ON, Oshawa ON, Kitchener, Guelph, Niagara Falls ON, Niagara Falls NY, Buffalo NY, Detroit)

*3 Month Minimum payment to begin the Course. 10% Discount for 24-week course payment.


For teens from 13 to 16 years old. Students must have a laptop with Windows operation system and be connected to Internet

 The number of students: 

8 – 10  students per class.

 Who this course is for:

This course is for teens who love computers and the Internet and interested in modern technologies and modern Web design. This course does not require any level of computer knowledge and will be interesting to newcomers as to “experiences” teens.

 Schedule and place:

Registration open.
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If you live in Toronto, Mississauga, North York, New York or Chicago, then you can sign up for our in-class courses.

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How our virtual class works

1. You choose the time and day convenient for you during the week.

2. You are registered in this class.

3. You get access to training course materials. Among them: presentations, videos, step-by-step instructions for each week.

  3. During a meeting with a teacher in a virtual classroom, you see on your screen how to carry out the next project.

4. You hear the teacher’s explanation and can ask questions.

5. You can communicate with the teacher using the messenger and quickly get an answer to any question.

 6. During the lesson you will be able to show your project to the teacher and other students and see the projects of your fellow students.

 7. You can take tests in our virtual classroom and see your grades.

 8. After completing the course, you can print the certificate of the Canadian college on the basis of which the computer school works.

9. Many study projects are real tasks from Canadian or American companies.
 10. The most successful projects will be placed in our school’s virtual gallery.


If you don’t live in Toronto or GTA, then you can sign up for our online courses.Sign up now for online course



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