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Child Safety on the Information Highway

Introduction It’s no exaggeration to say that just about everyone is online today. Even people who don’t have access to computers, such as most in developing nations, are accessing the Net via cell phones.  Whether it’s exchanging text messages or email, accessing websites, using apps, or...

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What Is Typography? A Beginner’s Guide

What Is Typography, And Why Is It Important? A Beginner’s Guide Whether it’s on our phones, in books or on websites, we’re constantly digesting written words. From instruction booklets to shop fronts, type is all around us. We often reflect on the power of the written word, but rarely do...

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Raster and Vector

What is Raster and Vector Graphics? Raster image and vector image are two different types of image files in graphic design. So, they are two simple but complex forms used in computer graphics. What is the definition of raster and vector image? I think you have seen artwork both in paint...

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How to choose the best computer for graphic design

Technology is great, but it can also be overwhelming. What’s the best computer for graphic design? Mac or PC? What other equipment do you need? Where do you even begin? Hardware — Virtually any computer more powerful than a netbook, and less than three years old, will probably serve your...

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Coding and Game Creation Online

Coding and Game Creation Online Course Why do teens need to learn to code? Coding, widely known as programming, involves writing commands that allow systems to perform meaningful tasks. In the simplest form coding or programming, are directions for how to do something. If you want to tell...

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