Fashion Design and Techniques course

Fashion Design and Techniques Diploma program for teens. 
Create your own Fashion Collection!

In our Teens Computer school, we believe it’s never too early to take the first steps towards mastering the creative profession of fashion design.  

If you are 10-18 years old and want to dress beautifully, if you are interested in modern fashion and dream of becoming a fashion designer, then our Fashion Design and Techniques Diploma program is for you.

  • Program Pre-requisites
  • Program duration
1 – 2 Year (Depending on the speed of completing assignments and passing tests. )
  • The approximate amount of time required to study the training materials and complete assignments during the week.
 2 – 3 hours per week
  • Detailed progress report for parents
  • Recognition
Diploma from New Image College of Design and Technology.
(Teens Computer School is a Department for School-age students of New Image of design and Technology).
  • Tuition Fee
Package 1. $69.00 per week.
$276 per month
(six Month payment)
(Save $468.00 during one year).
Package 2. $59.00 per week. $236.00 per month
(12-month payment)
(Save $948.00 during one year).
Package 3. $290 per month.
(Month by Month payments)

Digital Fashion Design and Techniques Diploma program

Who this course is for Requirements How it works

This Fashion Design and Techniques Diploma program for teens from all over the world is designed to give students a wide range of knowledge in the field of modern fashion, clothing, and costume design, cutting and sewing techniques, design techniques for clothing models, and introduction to the process of preparing their own fashion collection.

It was developed by fashion design professionals and focuses on the following areas:

  • fabric and textile studies
  • rhythmic and proportional structure of the costume
  • costume color
  • sewing techniques
  • industry-standard fashion computer applications
  • fundamental visual presentation
  • fundamental creative decision
  • fundamental set and collection design
  • sleeve tailoring

Through class projects, students will study composition fundamentals and examine historic and national costumes as examples of Applied Arts, as well as many other subjects related to the modern fashion industry.

Upon completion of the course, the students will be awarded a Diploma, have their own professional portfolio, and become savvy in industry-standard computer applications for Fashion designers. They will be ready to apply to a Fashion Design program in any college or university in the United States and Canada.



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Who this course is for:

This course is for those interested in modern fashion. It’s ideal for anyone who likes to draw, who wants to learn how to create their own costume designs, and who wants to always look fashionable and beautiful.


This Online Course for school students 13 – 18 years old. Students must have a desktop or laptop with Windows or Mac operating system and an Internet connection.

How it works?

Students can use textbooks – tutorials on each topic that are posted on our Internet portal. These are PDF tutorials, video tutorials, and step-by-step instructions for each topic and each lesson.

1. Students will be able to use these tutorials and video lessons to complete test assignments.

2. After completing the assignments for each topic and each lesson, students should send the assignment to their instructor.

3. Students will receive a detailed review from their personal instructor with an example of the correct preparation of the assignment. After successfully completing the task, students can proceed to the next topic and the next lesson.

In case of difficulties with completing assignments, each student can order a video consultation with his instructor at a convenient time. Consultations are carried out using ZOOM video technologies.

Start time:

Course start every month

 Certificate of Course Completion

Upon completion of a Fashion Design and Techniques Diploma program for school students, a Certificate will be issued. A Certificate of Course Complete shows that you have attended all the classes, passed all the tests, and handed in all the work required.




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Live in Saint John? Then read about our in-class study option Here

Module 1. An Introduction to Fashion Illustration & Color Techniques
Individuality is the starting point for all fashion design: Students learn how to identify their own personal style as they learn how to open up their creative channels. Students learn to draw the human body and to draw clothing inspired by their selected personal style.
They will explore ‘rule-breaking with color and tone. Then, they will sketch out their chosen garment and accessory, with attention to detail including; color, fabric & trims. Finally, students create a fashion name and logo for their new fashion identity and take home a finished, framed fashion illustration.
Also in this Module:
  • Adobe Illustrator for Fashion
  • Color and Design
  • Fashion Illustration and Design

Module 2. An Introduction to Fashion Design and Garment Construction

Students learn how to create their own designs from conception to construction. After an introduction to Fashion Design and Illustration, students create Mood Boards and will learn how to sketch their own fashion garments.

Then students will learn how to cut & construct their designs with guidance on basic sewing and fabric & trim selection. By the end of the course these budding, young designers will get to show off their work to parents at Teens Computer School mini fashion show and take home a unique item of clothing designed and made by them. Each program concentrates on various items of clothing so that students are able to sign up for additional classes and learn something new each time.
Also in this Module:

  • Draping for Fashion Design;
  • Elements of Design in Fashion;
  • Evolution of Fashion;
  • Fashion Form and Image


Module 3. Accessory Design

BBe like Lulu Guinness and design unique bags and purses, or how about making fancy Fascinators fit for the ‘Races’? Belts, Anklets and Wristlets and more as students delve into the delicious world of accessories. Students will select the accessory of their choice and after sketching and selecting materials, go to work creating a fun, fabulous, unique accessory to take home.

Module 4. Let’s create something new and unique!

This is more than ‘make do & mend’! This program will make instructors proud as students turn tired and used clothing into ‘wow factor’ unique walking works of art. With slightly less focus on technique and more on style and creativity, students explore the world of special effects and embellishment as they turn those old wardrobe pieces into something new and unique.

Also in this Module

  • Fashion Business Fundamentals
  • Fashion Styling
  • Introduction to the Fashion Industry

Module 5. Intermediate Fashion Design & Special Techniques

FFor those interested in a more in-depth course or older age groups: This module includes a more advanced course, with fashion illustration, mood boards, pattern cutting, textile study, special techniques & embellishments, advanced sewing techniques and more. They will plan how they will cut and stitch their favorite designs into a garment and learn how to list the ’step by step instructions.

Also in this Module:

  • Pattern Drafting 1
  • Pattern Drafting 2
  • Pattern Drafting for Menswear


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Choose that better suits your needs:

Еach student has the opportunity to order a free consultation with a live teacher at any convenient time

Tuition fee:

$69.00 per week. $276 per month (six Month payment)
(Save $468.00 during 12 Months of study)

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$59.00 per week $236 per month (12-month payment)
(Save $948.00 during 12 Month of study)

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$79 per week. $315 per month. Month by Month payments.
(Regular price)

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How our online class works

Students unfamiliar with distance learning can ask themselves: “How do online classes work?” All program learning materials are held online in our Virtual Classroom. Students do not need to spend time on the road. In addition, they have no problems, study on the program, which is not in the nearest college or even in their country.


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Study course materials

As in a regular classroom, your Fashion Design Diploma program begins by viewing a slide presentation or by watching a video leсture or by listening to a lecture and / or reading lecture materials in an Internet textbook.
Students should also be prepared for a list of reading materials for Each Month of the course. To test the level of knowledge of thous materials students regularly perform online tests and quizzes.

What time do I need to study online?

Depending on the course, students may need to listen to course lectures and do some assessments every second day, or only once or twice a week. As in any other class, students should take notes in their notebooks as they study the learning material.

Course assessments

Students should complete most of the assessments at home, at a convenient time.  Students will have to complete a certain number of tasks for each month of the course. Most courses combine shorter assessments with larger long-term assessments (projects) to be completed at the end of the Month or semester.

Participation in the discussion.

Nearly all online colleges require students to take part in weekly or by-weekly webinars or discussions about the next course topic or home assessments with the rest of the class, course instructor, or both. This may mean posting discussions on the online discussion board or participating in group chats on a specific date and time.

Students can ask any questions to their instructor or discuss a complex topic with students in their group. This may vary depending on the course and the specifics of a particular course topic. Listening to audio lectures, browsing course materials, viewing video lectures, doing homework, and talking with students in your group is not that different from a traditional lesson.

In fact, the experience of most students with online education is very similar to attending courses on campus. If you have any questions about the details of online education, contact the college administration or ask a question here.


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Online Learning at a Glance

1. You are registered in this class.

2. You pay the tuition fees.

3. You get access to training course materials.

4. You choose the time and day and register for Live Stream Webinar with instructor if you need a help.

5. During Live Stream Webinar you`ll see the next topic explanation and may ask questions to the instructor.

  6. During a meeting with a teacher in a virtual classroom, you see a teacher’s screen and a teacher’s step-by-step explanation of course materials.

7. You can communicate with the teacher using the messenger and quickly get an answer to any question.

8. During the lesson, you will be able to show your project to the teacher and other students and see the projects of your fellow students.

10. You can take tests in our virtual classroom and see your grades.

 11. After completing the course, you will get your Certificate on a mail.

13. The most successful projects will be placed in our school’s virtual gallery.



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