The Importance of Computers in a Child’s Life

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Computers have become an important part of our everyday lives and will be even more in the future. Knowledge about computers might become as important to elementary school children as reading and writing. Coding for kids important part of this knowledge.

There has been a lot of debate whether computers should be used with younger children. Some educators doubt the value of modern technology with younger kids. But some researchers have found lot of positive learning benefits with the use of computers in younger kids, especially when an adult supervisor is involved. Positive impact has also been found on children with disabilities or special needs. It has been said that “Technology can change the way children think and learn.”

Children are great “thinkers”. Their rapidly growing brains are assimilating a lot of knowledge from their surroundings. Lot of data is analyzed and stored in the memory cells. Positive play experiences, visual and auditory stimuli give a big boost to this process. That why Coding for kids will be easy if they are study in a right way.

These days wonderful computer based educational games and activities are available in the market for children. There are excellent websites on the Internet, which provide information and educational games for children and computer school for kids. One of them – Teens Computer School and Coding for kids course.
Parents and caregivers should find play activities fit for their children. They should be challenging, but not frustrating or overwhelming. Parents are their child’s first playmates. Children enjoy a game lot more when a parent or family member is involved in the play.

Should children surf on the internet? It is “information super-highway.” It has its own benefits and risks. Children using internet without supervision is a risk, but with a knowledgeable and responsible adult it could bring lot of benefits. It is just like driving a car and riding a car. Children can safely ride and enjoy the information super highway while a responsible adult is in the driver’s seat.

Of course there should be a limit on how much time children can spend on the computer. As a general guideline the rules can be similar to those used for viewing TV. Anything done in excess can be harmful. Consumption of too many vitamin tablets in a day can also be harmful.